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mineral engine oil for best lubrication

engine oil for best lubrication


Mineral engine oil for best lubrication is essentially produced or distilled from petroleum crude oil. Effectively the most basic type of engine oil, These mineral engine oils are normally colorless or lite yellowish and their weight is around 0.8g/cm3(density).

These oils are also called conventional oils. It is highly recommended for smaller-capacity engines that do not impose much mechanical pressure while running.

Most of the engine oil for best lubrication manufacturers will recommend new bike owners use mineral oils as they offer good engine protection for the first few kilometers of running. and it will be helpful for wear and tear in the engine for better clearance while reciprocating parts. The engines in the upside of mineral oils are that they are very affordable and will not hurt your wallet for frequent oil changes.

The downside of mineral oils is that they don’t last very long so you need to replace the oil at recommended intervals. Even with frequent oil changes, it is still considered affordable to most people, many people commonly consider the price as 1st preference, it has pocket-friendly and cheap compared to other types of oil segments.

its uses:

Mineral engine oil for best lubrication is basically good for better oil circulation in the engine ( from the bottom to the top of the engine head bore), because it is slightly less in thickness( viscosity) and will be able to lubricate better compared to other types of engine oil. these types of engine oil are used in slow-moving bikes because the kind of bikes does not move fast or can see less reciprocation in the engine (i.e, fewer cc bikes) below 100 to 50cc segments. Is also good for better circulation in the cold start of a bike because it has less viscosity.


However these type of engine oil for best lubrication does not have major issues in using purpose for recommended guidelines for particular bikes, but they have dropbacks in situations like climatic condition use when used in high temperature ( like in the afternoon the normal temperature is high outside), so if we ride in that time it will not protect the moving parts of the engine, because it is just a normal byproduct mineral oil by petroleum and ass less viscosity (thickness), it will become like water inside the engine during high temperatures. another drop back which is not a big case but it has to be changed every less interval of times ( can be less time period of 1800 to 2000max kilometers). And it can’t be used in higher cc bike segments which are not recommended according to their manual and some professionals.

best brands engine oils:

These are the best engine oil for the best lubrication in mineral-based segments (conventional engine oil).

  • Motul
  • Castrol
  • shell
  • servo
  • mobil1

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