fully synthetic oil

fully synthetic oils are considered to be the best of the best. Constructed out of pure polymers based on factory-made oils, it is the exact opposite of mineral oil, you can say it is artificial and not made using any natural products. The best example of when to use this type of oil is for high-performance motorcycles that are constantly put under a lot of stress. Superbikes and race machines are prime examples of machinery that require the help of fully synthetic oils.

The main benefit of fully synthetic oils is that they won’t degrade in terms of quality as they have been constructed to have a very long life cycle. They won’t break down as fast as mineral oils or semi-synthetic oils. They also give the best lubricating performance, which won’t break under pressure, providing the correct grade of oil. Some manufacturers would also state that their particular fully synthetic oil will increase performance but that is still a  subjective topic

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